Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our oils and butters come from local suppliers. Part of this main ingredient  is Coconut oil and Extra virgin Olive oil; these are also sourced in the UK from organic suppliers. The Palm oil is Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified and is obtained in the UK.  However, the unrefined Shea Butter comes directly from Ghana and is fair trade certified.

Yes, the vast majority of our products use organic ingredients.  We do also use fragrance oils in a few of our products. These are all from UK suppliers.

We use sustainable wrapping paper, recycled paper for our bags, boxes and fillings. Reclaimed paper and vegetable ink printing art work for our brochures and labelled products. We use cosmetic glass jars with metallic gold lids and aluminium tins for our other products. These are obtained through UK suppliers.

Our soap bars will last for approximately six – eight weeks, depending on the frequent usage.

Yes, all of the products created by Oil of Nature are vegan friendly!

All of the Clays we use are natural and come from supplies that sell organic products. Here are some of them, Turkish Zeolite clay, French yellow clay, Red Montmorillonite clay, American Bentonite clay, Kaolin clay and Moroccan Ghassoul clay.

The mineral powder pigment oxides we use are mined from the earth. They are filtered and processed to take out any harmful impurities for example lead or mercury. These ultramarine oxides and mics are cosmetic – grade and approved for the use in soaps and for cosmetic colorants additives in makeup and foundations.