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100% Sustainable

We care about our environment and the planet that we all share, to that end we are doing what we feel is part of our responsibility to improve the world around us. Therefore, we use non plastic packaging for all of our products.


We pride ourselves on looking for more eco-friendly ways to improve our planet, this is the reason we choose to work with companies that have the same ethos as ourselves when it comes to the environmental sustainability of our planet.  We use sustainable and ethical packaging, this is FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) certified forest with their logo FSC Mixed and 100% Virgin FSC Fibre.  These types of materials are virgin timber, reclaimed and recycled timber/fibre used to make the product packaging.  Therefore, this process of production has a positive impact upon our environment as they are made from earth friendly, organic materials that are biodegradable and will reduce and break down into waste easier.  So, you can also help us by reusing our cardboard boxes to help reduce wastage. We also offer all our range of body creams and butters in glass jars instead of plastic in order to prevent plastic waste and pollution.