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Beautifully Packed

We are proud that each soap is handmade and therefore we also hand-wrap each and every unique soap bar, to add that authentic touch of class.  We take full advantage of working with UK companies to supply our packaging.  Ninety percent of all the paper is reclaimed and recyclable, and for this they produce beautiful  paper bags, boxes and accessories that we use for our business, including wrapping paper. We use these items to wrap each beautiful soap to ship the products out to our customers.

The banding paper, brochures and boxes we use to house all of our cosmetic jars, etc come from a Company which produces Accent Fresco Gesso paper, this FSC is an (acronym for the Forest Stewardship Council) Certified 100% Virgin ECF Fibre and acid-free and has been harvested responsibly. They also use vegetable ink printing to create all the art work and labelling for our products.

All of our cosmetic jars come from a UK manufacture which cuts down our carbon foot print. They produce very high standard cosmetic jars and lids that we use for our products, this ensures that our consumers not only receive beautiful skincare products, but we take the time to present them in the very best quality jars possible.