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Truly Handmade

Truly Handmade

At Oil of Nature we create all of our products by hand as mother nature intended.  We use pure aqueous distillation together with sodium hydroxide and a variety of different oils and butters to make our soap bars.  We add specific clays, colours and of course essential oils to create our unique style.


For people who suffer with acne-prone and dry skin, we offer a range of products to assist them with these skincare issues.  Red Ripple soap is made with wheatgerm oil and is packed with essential vitamins including A, B, D and E.  These vitamins have profound effects on the skin because they help produce collagen one of the most important proteins in the body and particularly for the skin.  Summer Green soaps main ingredient is Olive oil, which has vitamins A,  D, K and E.  These vitamins increase rapid development of healing to the skin, protect and rejuvenate the skin, and assist with cell growth by diminishing free radicals that can cause aging to the skin.  Black Joy soap helps with dry skin because it is made with Avocado oil that has antioxidants which reduce skin cell damage, it also introduces nourishment to the cells due to collagen production and provides hydration to prevent the skin from drying out.  Shea Capora Body Balm provides much needed moisture, hydrates and improves the overall appearance of the skin.

Shea Butter is our skin’s best friend! It is very high in vitamin A which rapidly accelerates the healing process of our skin.  Shea butter improves skin immunity, increases the skin’s hydration, moisturises and increases the texture and tone of the skin.  This butter will penetrate the epidermis and the dermis to assist with the production of natural moisture to the keratinocytes and collagen that produces new skin cells.  Coconut oil is rich in linoleic acid (vitamin F) which gives nourishment and plumpness to the skin, reduces puffed and swelling on the skin, heals wounds, helps to clear acne and helps build a protective barrier on the skin.  Avocado oil is very high in Vitamin E which is an antioxidant, or in other words, it eradicates free radicals skin damage.  This oil has potassium which is vital for skin moisture and improving the feel and look of the skin.  Oleic acid in avocado oil produces collagen which is sebum secretion. This production formed in the sebaceous gland in the epidermis gives moisture and hydration to the skin.

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years.  They are highly aromatic and come from the various parts of a plant substance.  The method used in this process is known as extraction or distillation extraction, however, not all oils are essential oils, it depends on the method of extraction.  These are steam, distillation, maceration expression, solvent extraction and effleurage. Essential oil differs from other oils as they do not leave an oily mark on paper.  They are lighter than water and they evaporate quickly when in contact with the air.  Essential oils have a powerful way of penetrating the skin as they infiltrate the fatty parts of the skin to enter the different layers and eventually are absorbed into the blood stream.  Essential oils have a holistic approach in curing the body as well as the mind and this is why we at Oil of Nature predominately use them in ninety five percent of our products.

All of our Soaps are made with four main ingredients Coconut oil, Palm oil (Sustainable), Shea butter and Olive oil.  The benefits of using olive oil are:-

  1.  Increases moisture to the skin.
  2. Helps remove wrinkles and signs of aging.
  3. Having antibacterial properties olive oil fight acne breakouts on the skin’s surface.
  4. Having antioxidants Olive oil is good in fighting free radicals in the body.


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