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Neem Oil Soap

Oily skin Vegan friendly Neem Oil Soap​ Is full of nourishing sweetness and natural healing for your skin. The fruity smelling bergamot aroma and the deep woody spice of Ylang ...

Orange Mandarin

Anti-aging skin Vegan friendly Orange Mandarin ​is luxuriously beautiful, scented with minty freshness and light sensual floral top aromas. Created from Coconut oil and Shea butter. This blend nourishes your ...

Red Ripple Soap

Sensitive/Acne-prone skin Vegan friendly Red Ripple is exquisite with a deep woody note from the bergamot combined with the calming fresh scent of lavender. These oils give your skin protection ...

Shea Capora Face & Body Balm

Dry skin Shea Capora Body Balm ​is packed full of natural goodness due to its luxurious moisturising properties including vitamins and antioxidants vitally essential for cellular growth.  This balm is ...

Tea Tree Shampoo Bar

Vegan friendly Tea Tree Shampoo bar is full of natural ingredients that penetrate your hair shaft to fully cleanse your hair from the root to the tips of the ...
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